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Ice 20/1/13 by Laneismiaowing Ice 20/1/13 :iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 2 4 Trapped 20/1/13 by Laneismiaowing Trapped 20/1/13 :iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 2 0
But sometimes it's just hard.
People care so much,
But did you ever wonder why?
Why do we need people to like us,
Why do we try so hard,
Even though we know that someone,
Loves us?
We want what we can't have,
And sometimes it can kill us,
So that's why we try so hard?
Because we need to at least try?
Maybe that's it,
Maybe that sums up life,
But maybe we need to learn how not to care.
:iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 2 0
Him: Wat r u up to
Me: Tumblr
Him: Wats tumblr?
Me: Omggg you did not just say that you peasant
Him: R u calln me a peasant
Me: Yes I am actually
Him: Umm why
Me: Because Tumblr
:iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 0 1
Dancing alone.
Teardrops fallen into open air,
Nothing to land on,
Hopeless; despair,
Whispering lyrics ,
Hands on her hips,
You don't know what love is,
Unspoken words on my lips.
:iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 1 0
I like it.
I poke my friend and grab her notepad.
'Sally ❤'s Cats' I write, leaning away from her grabbing hands. Laughing, she snatches it away and tucks it under her binder.
"Why are you so hyper in math?" She asks, wagging her finger in my face.
I shrug, and try to balance a pencil over my water bottle. I glance over my shoulder to glance at Dan. His dark brown eyes look right back at me as we make eye contact, and I quickly turn away, acting like nothing happened.
That keeps happening, ever since I came to this school and my personality started to leak through my quietness. I was always the girl-no-one-liked, and now people want to be friends. It's quite strange, really.
But I like it.
:iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 1 0
You can tell when Greg's in town.
You can always tell when Greg's in town;
The lights shine brighter;
The music gets wilder;
Yeah, you can always tell when Greggie's in town;
The boys' eyes turn green;
The girls' cheeks gleam pink;
The dances run all night;
Them few drinks get your mind going crazy;
You might find yourself wanting to fight;
When Greg's in town, well;
Everyone gets a bit wacky;
The personalities making them weird;
Some think it's the early summer hype,
But, well;
You can tell when Greg is in town.
:iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 3 16
Chapter one- The Way It's Supposed to be.
"I don't want to go, Mom. You're not getting that." I argued, crossing my arms over my chest.
"I know what you want, but I also know what you need Ophelia."
I rolled my eyes, feeling the tears start to gather. That usually happens when I don't get my own way. It's a Leo thing, bad temper. I sat on my bed and groaned. 
"Then can you just go!?" I pleaded. 
She left my small, Cotten-Candy colored room, shutting the peach colored door behind her. I have a thing with colors; they seem to reflect my personality, each one. 
Anyway, the reason me and my mother are having a disagreement, is because she wants me to go to Collage. I have other plans. If they don't turn out right, then maybe I will go. But not now, right now I want to start off in England. Become a dancer, or a makeup artist, or whatever I want. Just myself. That's the way it's supposed to be.
:iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 0 2
A Talent.
The room fell quiet when she played.
The mysterious little girl, who always seemed out of place.
Her short fingers landed on just the right keys, forming a melody not just pleasing to the ears, but to the heart.
A few of the ladies pulled out laced handkerchiefs, dabbing around their eyes, as the child's music brought out each of their memories carefully.
Somehow this child, this- artist, has an impeccable talent for the piano.
When the song ends we politely clap, even though we all wish she could stay.
On the drive home in the car, Dr.Chaff and a few of his rather intoxicated colleagues spot a small, bundled pile of blankets sitting at the door of a run-down store front. Chaff ordered the chauffeur to stop close by, and he bundled his scarf deep into his brown, leather trench coat and came up to the pile. It took him only a few minor seconds to realize that he wasn't alone. Absorbed in the dampening blankets, was a small child. He picked up the bundle, and examined the child's face. F
:iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 1 2
Chapter 5 Never Gonna Happen
I woke up, yawning uncontrollably. I almost got up normally. Then I realized today was the day of the SIGNING.
I squeeled, and got dressed into my striped shirt, picked out escpescially for Lou. I also put on my red jeans, and a pair of black flats.
I woke Mom up, and she grumpily got dressed. She was just going to drop me off, then do some errands. After I shoved an apple down my throat, we hopped into our small black car and drove to the mall, where the signing was going to take place.
I shook as I waited in line, holding my favorite pair of ballet slippers. I was going to get 1D to sign them! I looked in front of me, and saw that I was only THREE PLACES away from them. Then finally, it was my turn.
First, I passed Liam. "Hello, Love," he said as he signed my shoes.
Second, it was Harry. "Hi," he said, his gorgeous green eyes twinkling as he looked into mine.
Third, Niall. "Hey, nice shoes."
Zayn; he looked from me to Louis and exclaimed "You're twins! Just look at your clothes!" I l
:iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 2 13
The Enlightened.
Soft wind danced through the air, pulling me back.
Pushing me foward.
Singing in my ears, the desperate call of help from a bird.
It will never get what it wants.
Maybe none of us will.
Still, the wind will try to knock us down.
Mock our flightless wings.
Try to pull the gray clouds over the blue sky.
But the Enlightened.
They are the ones who'll succeed.
We, are the ones who'll succeed.
:iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 0 2
Mature content
Chapter 4-Never Gonna Happen. :iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 2 3
Dedicated to Him.
I get lost in your voice
I close my eyes and hold on to every word
Every pitch etched into my mind
Every lyric memorized in stunning colors
My eyes flutter open, but the feeling lingers.
I want to cry,
To smile,
Even to laugh.
It brightens my day
Just seeing your face
Hearing your voice.
I know I could treat you better
You're everything I always wanted
Everything I always needed.
It hurts me sometimes, to see you with her
But I know it'll be selfish for me to ruin it
You wouldn't want that yet.
So I'll admire from afar,
And I'll be heartbroken time, and time again,
But I'll turn up the sound,
And get lost in your voice.
:iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 1 0
Chapter 3
"Eve. You're paying attention?" My teacher's tired face turned to my direction.
   "Uh," I coughed, my raspy voice a result of not opening my mouth all morning. "Yes."
I felt the piercing eyes' of my classmates on me. I ducked my head and began fiddling with my pencil.
   "Do you know what this is?" Emmett slid his paper on to my desk and pointed to a strange looking sign.
He looked at me for an answer, but I had none. I looked into his eyes and shook my head slightly.
His eyebrows furrowed and I looked away.
"Sorry. I don't know it." I whispered slightly, keeping my head down.
                      *                      *                   
:iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 6 5
Sammy by Laneismiaowing Sammy :iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 3 4 Julianne by Laneismiaowing Julianne :iconlaneismiaowing:Laneismiaowing 1 0


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i haven't been on deviantart in ages... this is so weird
just thought i'd give it a visit and see what's happening, anyway, love u all buhbye


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Helloo :D
My name is Laney, yo waddup
I'm a Directioner, 1D is amazayn.
dont be creepy k, ill block ya faster then a possum on a freeway

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